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Perfect weather for a walk with your bump - Remember these simple steps to keep safe.

A few years ago we wrote an article about how to exercise while pregnant, you can read the article in detail here. In the article we highlighted 5 steps to keep safe when exercising while pregnant which you can read below. These are relevant to anyone that is pregnant and wanting a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Talk the talk: During the hardest part of your workout, you should be able to converse without gasping for breath, though not with complete ease, either.

  2. Pace: On a scale of 1-10, most of your walks should fall between a 3 (slow walk) and a 6 (just fast enough that you couldn't keep it up for more than 20-30 minutes).

  3. Flat and easy: You should avoid walking on an uneven surface to reduce the chance of tripping

  4. Hydrate for two: While walking, it is very important to keep a water bottle with you to hydrate your body, it's best to avoid any strenuous exercise in hot weather

  5. Watch for danger signs: Stop if you experience pain, bleeding, dizziness, faintness, sudden swelling, lack of normal fetal movement, an abnormally rapid heartbeat or extreme fatigue.

Mysouls out for a walk

Keeping you healthy keeps your bump healthy too but make sure you listen to your body..

To help with comfort while pregnant and out on a walk our insoles fit perfectly into your footwear and offer the support you need. You can see our range here

Souls x

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