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Pregnancy Foot Problems in the Heat?

In the summer your feet can get hot an uncomfortable, and that's doubly so when you're pregnant. But don't make the mistaken assumption that is due to the heat alone.

In pregnancy hormones soften your tendons and ligaments, this affects your feet by causing them them to become more soft. This can result in a drop in your arches and effectively the broadening and lengthening of your feet.

In fact a women can often put on 1/2 or a full shoe size in pregnancy. Your feet stay that way too after pregnancy, which is great news if you need an excuse toby more shoes! But it can have an effect on your health as a fall in your arches may cause you to pronate which makes you knees point inwards and can cause problems with pain in your body.

Souls are insoles designed specifically to support you feet in pregnancy to help avoid these problems and keep you comfortable and active during pregnancy. They're also great if you had a pregnancy and we're left with issues with your feet.

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