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Souls Blogger Outreach Testimonials

Ellie - NutkinAvenue Blog

"My feet were met with instant comfort, thanks to the smooth leather finish, air cushioning and strong arch support"  Read more here 

Sophie Abbott - La Vie Sophie blog

"The insoles sure as heck have made walking more comfortable"  Read more here 

Beccafarrelly - Mummy Daddy Mia blog

"It only took me a couple of weeks to get used to them in my shoes and after that I haven't realy noticed them at all read more here.."

Raw Childhood Video Blog

Jade is in her second pregnancy and found our insoles really helped her feet.  Watch Jade's VLOG on her site here

Carla - Random Thoughts of a Twenty Something

Having the soles in my shoes meant that even if I was limping or walking unevenly both my feet were placed level on the ground and supported with each step. Read more here

Sarah - Arthurwears Family and lifestyle blog

I have been trying out a pair of these insoles during my pregnancy and they are so comfortable and definitely give the extra support needed. Read more here

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Souls Customer Testimonials

I’m really excited about ‘Souls’, I wish I had them for my first pregnancy. I had terrible back pain towards the end of that pregnancy and was mostly in bed for weeks towards the end with it, I also became more flat footed and had to wear some junky old boots that were the only ones that felt sort of comfortable. After the birth I had lots of joint issues too. This time round I got my ‘Souls’ in place pretty early (maybe 2 months along) and I am a convert! They do feel weird when you first put them on, like wearing a new pair of Birkenstocks, but after a few days you get into them and they mould to your feet and feel great and bouncy! I have a pretty active job and I need to lift, carry and also run around after a toddler - these insoles give me a spring in my step and mean I can wear shoes I’d have given up otherwise, as they didn’t offer enough support. I think they’re a really good investment, and I like the bright colours too – they look pretty cool in my sandals - like the K-Taping of footwear!



When I became pregnant I really hadn't thought about the impact on my feet. I was very conscious about other changes to my body but had completely ignored my poor feet, which would go on to carry the weight of both me and my growing baby! After hearing about Souls I wanted to look after my feet more and hopefully prevent problems further into my pregnancy so I bought a lovely pink shiny pair. I got them around 12 weeks and wore them every day to work (I'm a Primary School teacher so on my feet a lot). My feet felt really comfortable and I soon forgot I was even wearing them. I'm almost 38 weeks now and I havent had any problems at all with my feet, no swelling and no pain and they don't seem to have changed shape or size. I'm so glad I got the Souls when I did and used them throughout my pregnancy, they have helped my feet stay happy and healthy during the last 6 months!"


Kirkella, East Riding of Yorkshire

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