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  • The Souls insoles make my shoes feel different?
    This is usual for the first few times you wear them as your feet are adapting to the new position and change of pressure locations from overloaded areas, after a few days of use you’ll not even notice them in your shoes.
  • If I am between sizes – which size should I order?
    If you're between sizes, we suggest that you choose the next size up
  • Should I go for a size up for different shoes?
    For shoes with a looser fit (e.g. cold weather boots) we would recommend that you order a bigger size
  • The insoles don’t reach to the toes of my shoes – are they too small?
    Our insoles won’t go right to the front of your shoes as they are shaped so that they can be worn unseen in open-toed shoes. This also allows your toes to point down slightly which is a more natural and conformable position.
  • Do I need to cut the insoles to size, or can I trim them if necessary?"
    The insoles are pre-shaped and professionally cut to size, if you wish to you can trim them slightly
  • My feet are very swollen, can I use the insoles?"
    Yes, you can use our insoles when you have swollen feet. Our insoles won’t stop the swelling but will enable you to be more active which may help protect you against swelling.
  • If my shoes already have arch supports can I still use the insoles?
    If you already have arch supports or specially designed orthotic shoes we would not recommend replacing these with our insoles.
  • Can I wear the insoles in a toe post/flipflop?
    This will depend on the type of toepost you have but you can cut out a section at the front of the insole to fit around the toepost.
  • How early can I wear the insoles?
    You can start wearing our insoles as soon as you like, the earlier into your pregnancy you begin to wear them the earlier you will start feeling the benefits. For maximum protection, we recommend you wear them as soon as you find out you are pregnant
  • Can I wear them after I’m pregnant?
    Yes, you can continue wearing your insoles even after you are pregnant, they will help keep your feet happy and healthy and as such your ankles and joints will benefit from the additional support our insoles give.
  • How do I position the insoles in my shoes?
    The insoles are designed to be inserted into your show with the heel part first placed against the back of the shoe and the arch support sitting under where the arch of your feet is.
  • You supplied stickers in the package? Where do I position these?
    The stickers are double sided to allow for sticking to the base of the insole and to the inside of your shoe to reduce any movement. To help position them we recommend putting one sticker approximately 2cms down from the back on the insole roughly under where the ‘Souls’ logo is and a second sticker positioned approximately 3cms in from the bottom most point of the insole. Stick them to the insole first of all and then remove the sticker cover to expose the sticky back part and then apply the insole to your shoe. Please click on the image to see where you can stick them. (N.B. The image will not show on some mobile devices)
  • Can I transfer the insoles between shoes?
    Insoles can be transferred to other shoes, but this may reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. We recommend that you take advantage of our offer prices for buying more than one pair, and buy enough pairs to use in the shoes you wear most often.
  • How long do the Souls insoles last?
    The orthopaedic padding can retain its bounce for up to several years, even with regular wear especially with the base technology we have added. The leather colour may change over time and but will age attractively.
  • How can I tell my friends about the insoles?
    We hope you enjoy your Souls and if you’d like to tell your friends please use any of the following methods; 1. Liking and sharing our page on Facebook 2. Sending our website address to your friend 3. Following us on Instagram @MySoulsShop 4. On each of our product pages under the 'add to cart' button are links to help you share the product pages easily with your friends.
  • Do you have other colours available?
    We have launched with our initial range of colours and will be looking to add further colours to our offering over time. If you have a colour or pattern suggestion please use the contact us form at the bottom of our home page and let us know.
  • I'd really like a bespoke colour Soul's insole, can you do it?"
    If there is a specific colour leather you really want on a Souls insole please contact us and we will investigate what we can do to help.
  • How quickly can you deliver?
    For information about delivery and returns please click here. If you are in a rush and need the product sent to you for a next day delivery please contact us and we will work to arrange a faster postal option (this will incurr additional cost). Likewise if you live internationally and want our product in your hands quickly contact us before ordering and we'll do all we can to help you.
  • Can I buy a pair as a gift for a friend and have it shipped to them?
    We are able to send our products as gifts on your behalf, you can do this by supplying the person's address as the delivery address on your order when going thorough the check out. As long as you have an address we can send them anywhere in the world..
  • Where do you deliver to?
    We delivery anywhere in the world. (as long as there is an address :-))
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    You can pay for your purchase using PayPal or any major debit or credit card (e.g. Visa, MasterCard). Our Site uses the PayPal secure checkout which will allow you to checkout using PayPal or by checking out as a guest which will enable you to enter your card payment details.
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