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Flat Feet in Pregnancy

The most common foot problem in pregnancy is over-pronation or the flattening of the arch. This leads to pain in the heel, arch or balls of your feet. It's essential that you learn to look after your feet in pregnancy to make the next 9 months as comfortable as possible!

Flat feet is caused by the arches flattening under the extra weight carried in pregnancy and the softening of tendons and ligaments in your feet under the influence of pregnancy hormones. Feet tend to roll inwards whilst walking. This can cause strain or inflammation on the plantar fascia, which is the fibrous band of tissue that runs from the heel to the forefoot making walking a painful experience and increases strain on the feet calves and/or back.

These conditions can be treated by providing extra arch support to your feet. This is why we designed Souls insoles to support feet in pregnancy. They can be work in any shoe and give your feet the support they desperately need.

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