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Spring is here!! At last

The birds are singing, the buds are beginning to show and the nights are becoming lighter.. looking after your feet when pregnant

It's the time of year we want to get outdoors more to enjoy the weather as it begins to warm up (OK so that might take another month ..) but when you're pregnant, getting out and about on your feet is great for your health and for your babies health too. pregnant couple relaxing in a field in spring time

Have a look through our previous blog posts and you'll see useful information about how to look after your feet during pregnancy and how to keep yourself active during each trimester..

If your feet are uncomfortable while you're pregnant, from swelling, stiffness or perhaps your ankles are starting to ache, it might be worth considering a pair of our Souls insoles which are made specifically made for pregnant feet.

You can find out what other people think in our testimonials area here or if you'd like to view our range of Pregnancy Insoles please visit our shop here

At Souls, we are here to put a 'spring in your step while pregnant' x

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