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What can you do about back pain in Pregnancy?

Research shows that more than two of every three pregnant women complain of back pain at some point. As the uterus enlarges, it moves the body’s center of gravity forward, causing an increase in the normal curve of the spine. This puts stress on the joints and ligaments of the lower back. In addition, hormones produced during pregnancy cause the pelvic ligaments to loosen and the joints to open. This, too, can cause pain. Back pain can be particularly severe if a woman gains more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy.

There is a simple way to help back pain and get your body back into line, insoles! By supporting your feet you can bring your musculoskeletal system back into line and provide you with some much needed comfort.

Try our Souls pregnancy orthotics, they're specially designed by podiatrists for pregnant women's feet.

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