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Help from foot pain and discomfort in pregnancy.......

Read how Fiona found help from Souls with her foot pain during her third trimester of pregnancy and after her baby was born when she still had issues with her feet.

I was given a pair of Souls insoles to review halfway into my third trimester when I was already aware that I was starting to have trouble with my feet due to the weight gained in pregnancy. The fact that I was wearing ballet pumps with unsupportive soles due to the rapid expansion of my feet by 2 sizes in the summer heat probably didn't help my cause! Prior to using the Souls, I had pain in my arches and also severe discomfort across the bridge of the top of one foot.

I used the pair of Souls inserts every day in my shoes after that and they helped to alleviate my symptoms and make the final weeks of my pregnancy that bit more comfortable, helping to prevent the existing discomfort from getting any worse. By that point, only my ballet flats would fit me, so the Souls gave my feet more support and protection that the shoes alone would have done.

I am still using the Souls some weeks after baby's arrival - whilst the pains in my feet went away soon after I delivered, I am aware that my ligaments and tendons are still subject to the effects of increased relaxin in the postpartum body, so I use the Souls in my normal shoes now to protect my feet when I'm out and about walking miles with the pram.

In my experience, Souls are comfortable to wear, easy to fit in your regular shoes, and a good idea for pregnant women and new mums. I'd happily recommend them to my pregnant friends!

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