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Having foot problems in pregnancy?

Read an article from Crawley Mumbler about why Souls insoles can be an important partner in pregnancy to keep you fit and active:

Taking exercise in pregnancy it key to staying fit and healthy for you and your baby. Our insoles help support your feet to protect them from changes that occur in pregnancy as a result of hormones that prepare your body for birth.

Our insoles are designed by expert podiatrists to help prevent structural changes in your feet during pregnancy. It is common to put on a 1/2 or full shoe size in pregnancy.....AND YOUR FEET STAY THAT WAY TOO!

Ask your friends who have had babies....

Souls can help prevent this so you can stay in your favourite shoes during and after pregnancy.

Check us out at

Choose a colour that you fancy or matches the sex of your baby :) and enjoy stylish healthy and comfortable feet throughout your pregnancy.

Don't forget that if your feet changed during pregnancy the Souls can help keep-your feet in a healthy position long after pregnancy too as you cope with the demands of being a Mum........ x

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