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On your feet.... all day long and pregnant

While we were exhibiting at the NEC Baby Show in May we had a large number of customers that came from similar professions ... This triggered us to write a blog post about it.

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post about working whilst pregnant. However, in this blog we want to focus on the pregnant women that are on their feet most of their working day.

There are thousands of jobs out there which require people to stand up and walk around but we've made our short list of those where we feel the largest number of hours are clocked up constantly on their feet. (Of course if you think we've missed one please let us know).

Our list of jobs where time is spent mostly on their feet;

1. Hairdressers

2. Nurses

3. Teachers

4. Beauty therapists

5. Retail staff

It has been proven that standing for five hours a day contributes to significant and prolonged lower-limb muscle fatigue. This may raise your risk for long-term back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Now consider the impact this has when you are pregnant, you will be gaining weight and your muscles and tendons will be loosening. It's critical to always wear the right sort of footwear but this is especially true if you are on your feet all day long.

The conversation that we had with our customers at the show and we would also advise any pregnant woman in a job where she is on her feet for any length of time is to ensure they are aware of the risks of the impact on their feet. This includes making sure they have the correct type of footwear but also how the Souls orthotic insoles can help significantly reduce the foot and joint pains during pregnancy by supporting their arches and reducing the impact on their joints..

When people wore our orthotic insoles in their shoes they felt an immediate difference and for us seeing customers taking those first steps made us very happy to see such a positive impact on their body. Similarily one of our early customers is a school teacher and you can read how Kate benefitted from wearing Souls orthotic Insoles.

If you are pregnant and on your feet a lot, do let your employer know by sharing this blog post with them or simply sending them to our website. We work with give discounts to companies to help their employees that are pregnant.

If you'd like to see what a difference our Souls orthotic insole for pregnant women can make to your feet please click here to see our range.

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