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Working while you're pregnant

You're pregnant and have to work.. you could be in an office, on your feet all day teaching, cutting hair through to running your own business. All of these will need you to be at your best and having painful ankles and joints could seriously impact your day.

Check out our testimonials, one of customers is a teacher and needs to be on her feet all day and she shares the benefits of wearing the Souls insoles.

Souls - Pregnant at work

First things first, make sure you inform your employer that you're pregnant and they will be able to arrange a risk assessment and ensure your workplace can adapt to your needs.

Next make sure you look after yourself at work, lots of water, no heavy lifting and keep active by taking a walk for five minutes every hour (even if it's just to the water cooler). Souls are perfect for wearing in your work shoes and will give you a cushion of air to walk on all day long. It's important f your job requires you to be stood up for long hours that you and your employer look after you and your health.

Souls are happy to work with occupational health and HR teams regardless the size of your organisation to offer a corporate arrangement for our insoles that can help improve the health and working conditions of pregnant employees. For more information about how we can help you please contact us.

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