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Good things to do for your feet during pregnancy

Putting your feet up as often as possible (particularly in the last trimester) will relieve feelings of leg tiredness and help reduce any swelling of your ankles.

Feet up while you're Pregnant

Gentle exercise - such as swimming and walking - is also an ideal way to assist blood circulation and muscle tone, whilst a low-salt diet may also help relieve aches, pains and excess swelling.

If you find your feet swelling up put some ice in a towel and wrap it around your feet, this will help cool them down.

During pregnancy your skin will be drier and possibly more sensitive, so use more oil-based products. They’ll be richer and more nutritious for your skin. Why not treat yourself to a foot massage... (check out our massage blog post for some helpful tips)

A birthing ball provides soft, but firm, support that helps your baby engage in a good position. It’s

Souls birthing ball image

comfy to sit on, relieves pressure on your joints which is important for your feet, improves your posture and even helps tone your muscles.

Sleep on your side. If you don’t already, try sleeping on your side (preferably your left) – it helps keep your kidneys humming along, which in turn helps waste elimination and reduces swelling including the sweling in your feet.

Keep cool, as we near the summer season swelling will likely increse, by keeping cool it will help to keep the swelling under control

Avoid tight elastic-top socks or stockings. Your want to let blood and fluids flow as freely as possible around your body.

Did we mention drink???? .....It may seem counterintuitive to try to flush out fluids with fluids, but drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day will help rid your system of excess sodium and other waste products, minimizing swelling.

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