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Staying healthy during pregnancy is important for both you and your baby..

So you're pregnant and looking forward to your new arrival but perhaps feeling a little overwhelmed about getting up on your feet and moving around, let alone trying to go for a long walk... 

Staying healthy during pregnancy with Souls

As you'll see in some of our ealier blogs research shows how good it is for both you and your baby to keep active during pregnancy. Even if it's small steps at first and over time you are able to add a little more each time to get up and about it's making those first steps that counts.. 

Here at Souls we made our Orthotic insoles specifically to help support your feet during pregnancy and give you the added comfort while walking. you can view our range of insoles by clicking here or the image below (will open a new window).

Mysouls pregnant lady walking in the park to keep healthy

To help you plan a healthy schedule of walking we created a post that shows a simple step by step routines for each trimester. If you feel going it alone might be a but stressful why not ask a friend to join you and give you some support. 

Remember to keep it safe when exercising suring pregnancy and you'll find our 5 steps in the  blog

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