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Foot problems in pregnancy…. 1/3 of all the bones in your body are in your feet – that’s 52 reasons

Souls pregnancy foot care

There’s a lot to think about when you’re pregnant - planning for your baby, getting the nursery ready and being a Mum, few people will be thinking about their feet. But just like the rest of your body hormones are at work and they affect your feet too. Have you heard from friends who are mums that their shoes don’t fit anymore? That’s because feet can increase by half or a full shoe size, and they stay that way!

The hormone that causes your ligaments and tendons to relax in your pelvis helps you give birth by making your pelvis more flexible. But its effect is felt all over the body including in your feet. The relaxation of the tendons and ligaments in your feet causes your arches to lower and your feet to spread in width and length.

This change in foot structure can affect posture and the way you walk causing other issues as like pain in your knees, hips and back. Which is amplified by your growing bump!

Souls Insoles

This is why we launched Souls insoles. Souls are designed by expert podiatrists to fit in women’s shoes to support feet in pregnancy and after. Helping you to stay fit, active and healthy in comfort throughout your pregnancy.

Souls are not just for pregnancy if you have had a child and suffered from foot problems they can be used to help support your feet in a natural and healthy position.

Souls have three key features:

  • The base of poron provides a cushion of air over the entire foot surface

  • There is a raised area specifically designed to support your arches and hold them in place throughout pregnancy

  • The upper is made from leather to look great in your shoes and provide a breathable surface to keep your feet cool

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