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Comfort Problems in Pregnancy?

The answer may be right under your feet.....


Pregnancy affects the arches in your feet - Souls insoles are designed specifically to support your arches in pregnancy and keep you active, healthy and comfortable.

Read about Caroline's experience of using our insoles:

The insoles arrived quickly in the right size, and were well packaged. Mine came in grey which meant that they went well with all the shoes that I have, and did not stand out too much. However, the other available colours are pretty and would have gone well too. I love the drawstring bag with the logo on that they came with them. It makes it easy to take them away with you and keep clean. The insoles not only stopped my feet and leg pain, but helped with my toe cramping. Once in my shoes they stayed in place. The only disadvantage was that being pregnant in a hot summer, I have at times wanted to wear flip-flops which of course they don’t go with. But they kept my feet cool when I wore flat ballet pumps and meant I didn’t have to wear socks or tights which had made previously made my feet feel hotter. Now that I am in the final stages of my pregnancy, me feet have swollen up and I have found that they make it more comfortable for me to walk around. I think these are a great product and I am looking forward to wearing them after the birth too.

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