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Relieving Back Pain and Comforting Feet

La Vie Sophie recently wrote about her experience of using Souls on her blog.

Here's what she had to say.....

Poppy Red

As someone who suffers with flat feet at the best of times, pregnancy has really put the strain on my poor old feet. All the relaxin my pregnant body has produced has resulted in my arches having collapsed completely, leaving me with veryflst feet indeed. Having collapsed arches makes walking around very painful, both for my feet and also for my poor back which is already under enough strain lugging a baby around!

So of course when I was asked to review Souls* leather insoles I jumped at the chance to give my feet some relief! The insoles are designed specifically for pregnant women to help prevent fallen arches caused by the excess of the hormone ‘relaxin’ that our bodies produce when we’re pregnant. Unfortunately for me my arches had already gone past the point of no return but I was willing to give them a try them.

The insoles have a leather upper part and aa lovely squishy arch support meaning they’re incredibly comfy. I’ve been wearing them in my ballet pumps (which I know aren’t the best for your feet anyway!) and they fit perfectly without making my feet feel cramped. I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t experienced any swelling in my feet so the insoles haven’t made my shoes feel any smaller, just more comfortable!

I’ve been wearing the insoles for a couple of weeks now and whilst my arches haven’t corrected as such, the insoles sure as heck have made walking more comfortable! They’ve also reduced the pain in my back after walking round town which is definitely welcome.

If you’d like to try a pair of Souls insoles then make sure you visit

Here's the support and comfort your feet need

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