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When you're pregnant, your heel need support but your arch needs support too..

You might be mistaken for thinking a simple shoe insert for your heel would help.. but if you don’t support your arch, it’s not as efficient and less beneficial.

Arches can fall during pregnancy image - Souls Insoles

Researchers working at the University of Iowa found that during a woman’s first pregnancy, her arch lowers in height more than during any following pregnancy.

We'll cover the research in more detail in an upcoming blog post..

As the arch height decreases, this can lead to flat feet, a condition in which the arch of your foot basically touches the ground instead of being moderately elevated. This is a known cause of the following issues:

  • Foot pain in your heel (plantar fasciitis) or arch

  • Swelling along the inside of your ankle

  • Increased joint problems such as knee and hip

At Souls we know this and are very aware of how plantar fasciitis and other foot problems can remain in your feet after pregnancy for weeks, months and on occasion even years.

Our Insoles are ideal for supporting your feet during and even after pregnancy, giving both your heel and importantly your arches the support they need.

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