Exercise when pregnant, how far should I walk each day???

April 26, 2017

​Currently there is no hard and fast rule which says how far you should walk when you are pregnant. This will of course differ based on your general level of fitness and health (and any advice given by your doctor). From our experience, it is recommended that pregnant women walk approximately 3000 - 4000 steps per day, which is around a mile and a half, and that this should be walked every other day through-out pregnancy, as your body allows.’


If you are going to go for a walk or jog while pregnant make sure you wear a comfortable pair of trainers and use Souls Insoles to ensure your arch is fully supported.  


We've added an example walking routine you can try out but remember to always keep it safe with our 5 steps for keeping safe when exercising during pregnancy.

  1. Talk the talk: During the hardest part of your workout, you should be able to converse without gasping for breath, though not with complete ease, either.

  2. Pace: On a scale of 1-10, most of your walks should fall between a 3 (slow walk) and a 6 (just fast enough that you couldn't keep it up for more than 20-30 minutes).

  3. Flat and easy: You should avoid walking on an uneven surface to reduce the chance of tripping

  4. Hydrate for two: While walking, it is very important to keep a water bottle with you to hydrate your body, it's best to avoid any strenuous exercise in hot weather

  5. Watch for danger signs: Stop if you experience pain, bleeding, dizziness, faintness, sudden swelling, lack of normal fetal movement, an abnormally rapid heartbeat or extreme fatigue.



Walking Routine example 

  • Trimester 1 (up to 13 weeks)

Approach this program gradually and focus primarily on sticking with it. Increases in intensity and duration will come over time.

  • Start by walking 10-15 minutes a day, three days a week, taking at least one day off between walks.

  • When you feel ready, add another day of walking and increase each walk by 5 minutes if you feel you can

  • After a few weeks, add a fifth day of walking.

Your possible goal: Toward the end of the trimester, try walking 10-20 minutes a day, five days a week.

  • Trimester 2 (13-25 weeks)

During this "honeymoon" trimester, energy peaks and nausea should be history—the perfect time to exercise.

  • If you are beginning this program in your second trimester, start by walking 10 minutes a day, four to five days a week.

  • When you're ready, pick two days that will become your longer-walk days (15-30 minutes) and add another day of walking.

Your Goal: Toward the end of the trimester, try walking 15-30 minutes a day, four to five days a week.

  •  Trimester 3 (26-40 weeks)

Try to stick with the four- to-five-days-a-week goal, but be prepared to slow down as your belly gets bigger. Listen to your body too

  • If you are beginning this program in your third trimester, start by walking 10 minutes a day, four to five days a week.

  • If your energy slumps, decrease the length of your walks or break them down into shorter sessions.

  • Aim to maintain the same total minutes of walking per week as at the end of the second trimester, but know that your pace—and thus the distance you cover—will naturally decrease.


Your Goal: Toward the end of the trimester, try walking 15-30 minutes a day, four to five days a week. Always listen to your body and keep it safe.



A helpful note... If you go to exercise classes, make sure your teacher is properly qualified, and knows that you're pregnant as well as how many weeks pregnant you are.



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