Pregnancy Footcare

1/3 of all the bones in your body are in your feet, that’s 52 reasons to look after them especially when you're pregnant

Designed for Mums-to-be

Souls' beautiful insoles are designed by experts to support your feet and arches throughout pregnancy. You can be comfortable being active, doing what you need to do to work, look after your family and stay fit. They look great in your shoes too!

Did you know?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause changes in your feet which can make you more susceptible to suffer from muscle and joint issues later in life.


 A hormone called Relaxin is released by your body during pregnancy and loosens all tendons and ligaments including
those in your feet.

The Relaxin in your feet causes your arches to fall and can cause your foot size to increase by as much as a size!

Loved by you


Beth, Harrogate

The supportive arch provides a noticeable and welcome benefit. I've noticed a big improvement in comfort whether worn for a short time or all day long

Fiona, Vienna

Souls are a great investment for my body. They give me a spring in my step and the bright colours look great!

Alice, Hull

Once my feet were used to the new feeling when I walked, my everyday pair of trainers felt like new

Support your arches

Minimise width and
length increases

Provide a cushion of air under your feet


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